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NWTF Hires Academy of Entrepreneurs to Develop TikTok Educational Content to Impact 1 Million Women

NWTF has been a pioneer since day one in 1984. Who are Negros Women For Tomorrow Foundation, Inc? A non-government organization that aimed to help women achieve self-sufficiency and self-reliance, particularly in low-income. In 2022 the Academy of Entrepreneurs was assigned by NWTF to empower 600,000 women by delivering the How To Turn Any Idea Into a Business course via Facebook Lite. What is Facebook Lite? Facebook Lite is fast, works on slow networks, uses less data, and comes in a small package, and in most of the Philippines it is available for free to communities. This year, we have been chosen as their key partner to empower their community of now 500,000 women every 6 months (1M in 2023). We will launch the educational campaign in March 2023. 2-3 times a week AE will post Business & Finance tips in Taglish. Check out their TikTok page for free weekly tips.

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