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Marco's Story of Vision, Determination, and Seizing Opportunities

Here at AE, we celebrate the exceptional journeys of our legends.

Today, we're honored to share the inspiring story of Marco, a true legend who embarked on a mission to change the world and landed an internship with one of Australia's biggest global companies! 😱

Last year, Marco joined AE with our Diploma of Business and a passionate vision to make a significant impact on the world. But, the path forward wasn't clear… YET. 🤔 However, he was determined to chase his dreams. So Marco took a bold leap of faith. He packed his bags and flew across the country to study at the Academy of Entrepreneurs in Sydney.

This brave decision marked the beginning of his incredible transformation. ✈️

Within his first week at AE, the ALABC Corporate Internships program was introduced. Marco knew this was his golden opportunity. He seized the moment, picked up the phone, and directly expressed his eagerness to work with the best. ✨

Marco's "Boss Your Future" attitude is truly inspiring. His proactive approach and unwavering conviction got him noticed. Within 24 hours, he secured an internship with a major global company! 🤯🎉

Marco's journey didn't stop there. With relentless determination, he called the company back and boldly asked, "Can I intern full time?"

His dedication paid off, and he transitioned from an intern to a full-time employee! Marco's story is a testament to the power of vision, determination, and taking action. 👍

As you go on your own journey, remember:

➡️ Dream big: Dare to envision a future where you make a difference in the world.

➡️ Be bold: Take the leap of faith and step outside your comfort zone.

➡️ Seize opportunities: Don't hesitate to grab ahold of your chances.

➡️ #BossYourFuture: Cultivate a "Boss Your Future" attitude and actively pursue your goals.

✨ With the right mindset and the support of the Academy of Entrepreneurs, you too can turn your dreams into reality! ✨

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