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7 Day Sydney Social Impact & Entrepreneurship Study Tour

Have you ever wondered how the world can change with just a spark of innovation? Imagine a journey that not only ignites your passion but also equips you to turn it into a force for good. Well, the girls from PAREF Woodrose didn't just imagine it; they lived it during the unforgettable October 7 Day Social Impact & Entrepreneurship Study Tour in the vibrant heart of Sydney, Australia.

Day 1: The Impactful Kick-Off

As the sun rose on October 28th, the eager minds gathered at the Airbnb, 62A High St. Millers Point, NSW 2000. But this wasn't just any morning; it was a day to explore the intersection of social impact and entrepreneurship. The journey kicked off with a soul-stirring question: "How can your life's purpose shape a business that transforms the world?"

In the heart of Pyrmont, over a hearty Aussie Vegemite breakfast, Serena Vaytilingom led the charge, guiding these budding entrepreneurs on finding their life's purpose and transforming it into an impactful business. The day continued with Anne-Marie Elias unraveling the mysteries of Design Thinking for positive impact, and Bernie McFarlane turning everyone into Linkedin & Networking Ninjas.

Day 2: Crafting Impactful Pitches and Purposeful Mentoring

Amidst the iconic Sydney skyline, Paula Mills took center stage on Day 2, teaching the art of pitching a business idea effectively. As the day unfolded, personalised business and pitching mentoring sessions at 62A High St. Millers Point, NSW 2000, added a personal touch to each participant's entrepreneurial journey.

Day 3: Sydney City Tour and Emotional Intelligence Leadership

Sydney City became their classroom on Day 3 as they hopped on and off, exploring its nooks and crannies. Paula Mills returned, this time unraveling the secrets of becoming an Emotional Intelligence Leader. The day ended with a deep dive into business and revenue models for social enterprises.

Day 4: Digital Marketing, UN Development Goals, and Surprises Galore

Louise Broeng took the reins on Day 4, demystifying Digital Marketing Tech Tools & Growth Hacking for Fast Impact. Lunch was followed by a journey into transforming problems into opportunities with Patricia Kaziro, along with a surprise visit at 65 Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont. As the day ended, the girls met Entrepreneur Larissa Maisa De Oliveira, delving into the intricacies of writing a business plan for social impact with Tom Wilson.

Day 5: Opera House Dinner and Late Night Shopping

The excitement soared on Day 5 as the girls enjoyed a picturesque Opera House Dinner and indulged in late-night shopping at Tiffany's on 175 Pitt St, Sydney. The city lights mirrored the sparkle in their eyes.

Day 6: Gala Pitching Event - Unveiling Tomorrow's Leaders

The grand finale arrived on Day 6 with a Gala Pitching Event at 55 Pyrmont Bridge Road, Pyrmont. The girls showcased their newfound knowledge, pitching ideas that could change the world. It was a night of celebration, where dreams met reality, and tomorrow's leaders took center stage.

This 7 Day Social Impact & Entrepreneurship Study Tour wasn't just a journey; it was a transformation. PAREF Woodrose girls didn't just enjoy; they embraced, learned, and emerged as ambassadors of change. The impact was not only seen in the dazzling Sydney skyline but felt in the hearts of these young entrepreneurs ready to take on the world, armed with purpose and passion.

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