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Academy of Entrepreneurs is super excited to be taking another progressive step ahead to help you!

So, we invited Lawyer and Registered Migration Agent Edward Miller to share with you all about the 407 Training Visa.

But what is it all about? Who is eligible? And how can it benefit you?! Let’s find out!
What is the 407 Training Visa?

The 407 Training Visa gives you up to two years full-time work experience. It is a type of occupational training for people with recent and suitable studies/experience in the nominated occupation, who are seeking to complete a workplace-based training program in a relevant profession on the list. But don’t worry, the occupation list is long and varied, so there’s sure to be something that fits with your background!

What do I need to be eligible?

Step 1:

  • Academy of Entrepreneur’s Advanced Diploma of Business

  • A letter of employment from a suitable employer in a position from the relevant list.

Applying for a visa, as always, includes a lot of bureaucracy and delicate planning. But of course, our partner migration lawyer Edward Miller will assist you every step of the way to ensure you have a strong case before lodging the visa. Not to mention that Academy of Entrepreneurs will be assisting you months before you are even thinking about applying, to guide you in terms of finding a suitable employer via our partner network!

What are the benefits of this visa?

As we know, here in Australia, most students spend thousands upon thousands on a university degree or a masters to get the 2 year graduation visa. The 407 visa is a great alternative for those who don’t wish to go to university, but would still like to work full time after their studies.
The benefits of a 407 Training visa include:

  • Structured workplace training for up to two years

  • Save enormous amounts of money by studying with Academy of Entrepreneurs as a pose to a University

  • Earn a good salary (Payed training)

  • Build on your skills, knowledge and expertise

  • Include any dependents on your visa application

  • You may apply for another visa after the 407 ends

How can Academy of Entrepreneurs help me?

Academy of Entrepreneurs is part of a huge business community including Google, Canva, Wix and Shark Tank to name a few recognized names. We are also really active in the Sydney and Australian start-up community. What this all means, is that wherever possible we will match our students to our partners who are seeking talent. However, that’s not all! We’ve gone a step further and partnered with Ribit, a fantastic online platform to help students like yourself find suitable part time work and internships!

What’s more? Our migration lawyer will supply you with the latest immigration updates and can take care of your entire application once you are eligible!
Do you still have questions?

Let us know via email: or call/whatsapp us on 0420 955 509


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