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The Academy of Entrepreneurs Signs Agreement to Launch Programs & a New Tech Classroom at Tselmeg Digital School in Mongolia

The Academy of Entrepreneurs becomes the first registered training organization of Australia to deliver a Business and Entrepreneurship program in Mongolia, thanks to our new agreement with Tselmeg Digital School.

Bridging Cultures and Continents

Tselmeg Digital Students will now learn Academy of Entrepreneurs’ entrepreneurship courses for 1 hour a week from Grade 9-12 every week. Classes will be taught in Mongolian and is 100% customised to the student’s needs.

By combining the strengths of both institutions, students will gain essential skills and knowledge to thrive in the fast-paced 21st-century economy.


We have a 10 year agreement to teach Tselmeg Digital Students the following subjects:

  • Emotional intelligence & Growth Mindset

  • Social Entrepreneurship & Global Impact 

  • How to Launch a Business Idea

  • Ideation & Validation Accelerator

  • Sales Leadership & Negotiations

  • New Technologies & Business Tools

  • Startup Branding & Marketing Digital

  • Finance for Innovators

  • How to Fail (and Not Die)

  • Design Thinking for Disruptors

  • Law and Automated Operations

Key Highlights

Integrated Curriculum: The program offers a curriculum blending entrepreneurship with digital competencies, shaping students' skills to become global leaders.

Global Networking Opportunities: Students will be taught by global entrepreneurs and work with peers from diverse backgrounds, enhancing their international perspectives and expanding their professional networks. Workshops and seminars led by entrepreneurs and digital innovators will provide valuable insights and practical experience.

Looking Ahead: September Launch

The groundwork is complete, and the final preparations are underway for the Tech Classroom Design/Layout. The curriculum and online platforms are ready to welcome the first cohort of students this September 1st 2024.


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