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Meet Gabriel: The Legend Bridging Australia's Trades Gap with Trade Troves 😎

Do you struggle finding skilled laborers for your next project? Or are you a skilled tradesperson tired of limited opportunities? 🧐

Meet Gabriel, a 31-year-old Brazilian entrepreneur who's turning his vision into reality with Trade Troves - an innovative platform designed to connect skilled laborers with clients in need of their services across Australia. 🇦🇺👀

Solving a Problem, Building a Solution

Before Trade Troves, Gabriel ran a website selling dog products. However, his true passion resided in creating something impactful. ✨ "I saw a gap in the market – skilled workers often struggle to find consistent work, and clients face difficulty locating reliable professionals. Trade Troves bridges this gap by empowering laborers and simplifying client searches." ✨

A Platform for Growth

Trade Troves is an innovative platform designed to connect skilled laborers with clients in need of their services across Australia. Whether you're a carpenter, plumber, electrician, or any other tradesperson, Trade Troves helps you showcase your skills, experience, and completed projects to attract potential clients. 😎

Key features of Trade Troves:

Empowering Laborers: Create detailed profiles showcasing skills, certifications, and work experience. Upload photos to demonstrate their craftsmanship and build trust with potential clients.

Simplifying Client Searches: Search for specific trades or skills, filter results by location, and easily schedule appointments through an integrated booking system.

Building Trust & Transparency: Profile verification, skill endorsements, and optional project insurance provide peace of mind for both laborers and clients.

Showcase Skills and Experience: Create detailed profiles highlighting your skills, certifications, and work experience.

Visual Portfolio: Upload photos of past projects to demonstrate the quality of your workmanship, as recommended by Gabriel.

Skill Categorization: Categorize yourself based on your trade, such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc.


On Social Media

While Gabriel currently only has an old LinkedIn account, he says, "I will create one specifically for Trade Troves." He also plans to launch an Instagram account for the platform. (So stay tuned for updates on our Instagram page 😉)

The Power of the Academy of Entrepreneur’s Support

Finding the right guidance can be transformative. Gabriel found his support system here at the Academy of Entrepreneurs (AE). The strong community, valuable mentorship, and resources proved invaluable in shaping Trade Troves. ❤️ "I was drawn to AE by its strong entrepreneurial community and the promise of valuable mentorship and resources," says Gabriel. "The advanced diploma class has been particularly encouraging, providing me with the feedback I needed to improve my business website." He added. ✨

"Like all entrepreneurs, I faced hurdles while developing Trade Troves," Gabriel admits. "Finding the right mentorship was a challenge, but the Academy of Entrepreneurs’ support helped me recognize crucial aspects to address in my business." 😉

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Gabriel's message to those considering entrepreneurship and the Academy of Entrepreneurs is simple:

"Go for it and start."

With Trade Troves, he's not just building a business; he's empowering Australia's skilled laborers and simplifying the process for clients seeking their services. 😉

The future looks bright for Trade Troves and the impact it will have on connecting skilled professionals with the opportunities they deserve. We are so proud and super excited to see what the future holds for Gabriel & Trade Troves! 👏❤️

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