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Legend Launches Company in 3 Hours

It appears that our AE Legends are truly embracing the world of food entrepreneurship this month.

So now, we are introducing the remarkable Vale, accompanied by a resounding drumroll... 🥁🥁🥁

Vale's day off from work was greeted with a surge of inspiration. She embarked on a culinary adventure in her kitchen, experimenting with an impressive array of 15 different flavors, all alongside her boyfriend. As fate would have it, her boyfriend tasted these delectable creations and proposed a brilliant idea –

"Why not sell these mouthwatering delights?"

The very next day, within the classroom environment, Vale unveiled her concept. Guided by an entrepreneur-mentor, they swiftly harnessed the power of the artificial intelligence. In a span of just three hours, they accomplished the following:

  1. Collaborated with Chat GPT to birth a compelling business name.

  2. Enlisted Chat GPT's aid in crafting a captivating business slogan.

  3. Cultivated a distinctive logo, expertly conjured using Artificial Intelligence on Canva.

  4. Handpicked an engaging promotional flyer and menu, using Canva.

  5. Engaged Chat GPT to blueprint an astute business launch strategy.

Watch Vale's Testimonial Video HERE

The subsequent day witnessed the sale of 100 meals on Campus to AE students, setting the momentum for a flourishing enterprise.

And now, with each passing day, the orders continue to pour in.

Whether it's a snack to curb your cravings or a wholesome meal to savor, Valentina is ready to deliver and cater for events. Let's unite in supporting Valentina as she conquers entrepreneurship with unwavering gusto!

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