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Canadian International student plants 2.5 Million Trees in Australia

Did you know we had a Canadian International student who planted 2.5 Million Trees in Australia? 😊 He was initially interested in real estate and blockchain technology, and Kenyon soon found a different path within AE.

Within just one week of joining our course, Kenyon spotted a gap in Australia's tree planting industry. He quickly leveraged our mentoring session to create a brochure and contacts list. With determination, he began pitching to clients.

Seven months of networking and meetings paid off as Kenyon now stands as the third-largest tree planting business in Australia, having planted 2.5 million trees for clients.

Kenyon's journey demonstrates the power of passion and determination, reminding us of the impact one person can make. We're proud to have been part of his story.

Stay tuned for more inspiring AE community stories as we empower individuals to create a better world.

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