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AE Connects Filipino & Guatemalan Students to 5-Star Hotel Jobs

Academy of Entrepreneurs has changed the game, helping over 30 charismatic students from the Philippines and Guatemala land jobs in 5-star hotels.

😎 Vision takes flight

Sharmae, an Ateneo de Manila University alumna from the Philippines, dreamed of starting a foundation for underprivileged kids. AE caught her eye, and within a week, we revamped her CV and made a connection with Sheraton Hotel

😲 Instant Success

Thanks to AE's support, Sharmae aced her very first interview and secured a job that perfectly matched her aspirations.

🇵🇭 Meet Sharmae, Our Star

Sharmae exemplifies AE's mission – empowering dreams and making an impact. Her story showcases the transformative power of education and mentorship.

Click here to watch our exclusive testimonial interview with Sharmae

Sharmae is just one of many success stories, with AE connecting numerous Filipino and Guatemalan students to 5-star hotel careers. Their journeys inspire us as we continue to make dreams come true.

Stay tuned for more AE success stories where dreams become reality.

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